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​Since 1987 OperaWorks has developed and empowered singing-actors, coaches and teachers to excel personally, artistically, and professionally, and to develop new audiences through innovative alternatives to traditional opera productions.  More than 2,000 singers, voice teachers, coaches, conductors and directors have trained with us. They include Grammy Award winners, international career singers, teachers on voice faculties throughout the United States, and artistic administrators in established companies.


OperaWorks is committed to bringing awareness to current social issues through live musical-dramatic productions in intimate theater spaces. The purpose of these productions is not to moralize, but to raise awareness on social issues beyond what is available in media or political sources.


Through our acclaimed positive holistic methods, we continue to change the landscape of performance education throughout the industry.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At OperaWorks, it is not only what we teach that has garnered such acclaim, but also how we teach.

Our Faculty

Our exceptional faculty are professional performers and teachers who explore the unique capabilities and artistry of each singer.

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OperaWorks' Holistic Curriculum

OperaWorks productions are created to bring awareness to current social issues through live musical-dramatic productions.
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