New Works

OperaWorks celebrates the power that opera and theatre can have in our modern world, and produces and creates new operatic works to push the art form forward.

The Discord Altar


A new opera with libretto by Meghan Brown and music improvised by the cast nightly

April 10 – May 3, 2015 • Secret Rose Theatre • North Hollywood, CA
Nominated for two NAACP Theatre Awards: Best Director of a Musical, and Best Music Director

For the first production of the Arts for Social Awareness Project, OperaWorks collaborated with Fugitive Kind Live Theatre to create The Discord Altar, a new opera that examined the epidemic of homelessness in metropolitan areas. At the conclusion of each performance was a short talkback session with different homeless shelter representatives and advocates from around the Los Angeles area.

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For Now: Love, Hate, Hope, Fear

a musically improvised concert

​September 18-21, 2014 • Boulder International Fringe Festival

We polled 50 people and asked them the same questions: “What do you love in your life? What do you hate? What do you fear? What brings you hope?” The powerful thought provoking answers provide the texts for four musicians improvising with each other, creating something wholly new for each of five performances. The musicians’ different musical roots (opera, classical music, folk, jazz) bring excitement and spontaneity to this original production.

Kristin Gornstein, mezzo-soprano
David Aks, cello
Ann Baltz, piano
Ryan Drickey, violin​



In Celebration of Small

By Zern Lieu

March 25, 2012 • New York City

small steps start the longest a world where facebook friend tallies, klout scores, and text messages are replacing true relationships, twelve singers integrate operatic arias along with spoken word and movement to bring back personal connection.  “in celebration of small” is a one-act operatic theater piece with text by zern liew adapted from an original article.  small is the new big.

Artistic Direction: Ann Baltz
Production: Zeffin Quinn Hollis
Musical Direction and Pianist: Eric Sedgwick



Tony Caruso’s Final Broadcast

World staged premiere

Paul Salerni, composer
Dana Gioia, librettist

January 4, 2008 • National NOA Conference • Los Angeles, CA

The one-act opera in ten scenes takes place in a classical music radio station on the last night of its operations. (At midnight the station’s new management will convert to an easy-listening format.) The station’s final program, “Opera Lover,” is hosted by Antonio Caruso, a failed tenor who has worked on the show for 27 years.

Christopher Campbell (Tony Caruso)
Erika Wueschner (Maria Callas)
Kristina Driskill (The Dark Woman)
Wendy Elizabeth Cooper
Laura D. Parker
Bruce Wright
Hannah Waldman
Vincent Robles
Julie Bermel
April Amante
Jayme Alilaw
Steven Lanzarotta
Special guest Henry Fogel (Announcer)

Producer, Co-Music Director: Ann Baltz
Conductor, Co-Music Director: David Aks
Director: Eli Villanueva

**Funding provided by the National Opera Association; the LA Opera Community Programs; the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication at California State University-Northridge; and the Opera Guild of Southern California.