Arts for Social Awareness Project

PictureOperaWorks’ Arts for Social Awareness Project (ASAP) is a new groundbreaking series of productions created to bring awareness to current social issues through live musical-dramatic productions in intimate theater spaces. The purpose of these productions is not to moralize, but to raise awareness on social issues beyond what is available in media or political sources.

Social media, print and online media are common outlets for increasing awareness of at-risk populations in our society. Online articles and blogs about the suffering of others allow users to “like” an article on Facebook, “share” posts about situations occurring in our society, and voice their outrage on Twitter. The pseudo-anonymity that social media provides allows people to feel like they are helping through their comments or “shares”, but what is missing in these impersonal mediums is an individual live experience.

ASAP Performances

ASAP is OperaWorks’ contribution to that experience through live arts. Each new work will be created from interviews and interactions with people affected by and/or working within each issue. Performances will be fully staged and costumed with the musical score improvised each night. Talkback sessions will be scheduled at the conclusion of each performance with leaders in the field of the social topic addressed. Selected performances will be preserved on film for future use by advocacy groups.


Development of each new work will involve collaborative creative teams from OperaWorks and other like-minded arts organizations that are interested in advocacy theater and have demonstrated a passion for making a difference in society.

Topics under consideration include:

  • Hunger
  • The effects of war
  • Immigration
  • Drug abuse
  • Foster care
  • Poverty

Recent Perfomances

Visit our NEW WORKS page to read about our first ASAP production, The Discord Altar.