Since 1987, OperaWorks’ curriculum has been continuously evolving and adapting to the ever-changing demands of a singing career as well as the environment of the industry. Our exceptional faculty are current professional performers and teachers who are well-versed in opera traditions, as well as excited to explore and cultivate the unique capabilities and artistry of each singer.

Our Mission

To train and empower opera professionals to excel artistically, personally and professionally, and to develop new audiences through innovative alternatives to traditional opera productions.

Our Vision

OperaWorks’ vision is to be the top artist development program in the country, preparing performers in a way that values and respects them as whole individuals and as talented artists. Our programs have evolved to support that vision by incorporating innovative classes that address all aspects of singers’ professional and personal life: musically, dramatically, physically, mentally, creatively, and as entrepreneurs.

What You Get From OperaWorks

OperaWorks was the first program to offer classes in yoga, Feldenkreis, Aikido, visualization, expressive conducting for singers, marketing, career planning, and social media. Currently, the curriculum includes acting, repertoire coaching, musical improvisation, acting improvisation, and audition techniques.

The empirical results of a two-year psychological study of the effects of this type of training on participants demonstrated that“the training provided at OperaWorks enhanced optimal performance and increased self-esteem, while decreasing shame, trait perfectionism and anxiety.” (Read the Abstract here)  

Performing with a Purpose

Designed to bring communities together to promote tolerance and peace, OperaWorks productions and concerts include more than 30 original Pastiche operas and “Arias In Motion,” improvised recitals and concerts, and annual multi-ethnic “Sing-In the Holidays” concerts. In 2015, OperaWorks collaborated with award-winning playwright Meghan Brown on The Discord Altar, a musically improvised opera about homelessness. This production was the first in OperaWorks’ Arts for Social Awareness Project (ASAP), created to bring awareness to current social issues through live theater.